Birthday Cakes | Adult, Children, Baby, 21st, Celebration | Central Coast, Sydney, Hunter Valley    
  Birthday Cakes | Adult, Children, Baby, 21st, Celebration | Central Coast, Sydney, Hunter Valley  
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Welcome to our Design Sculptured and Birthday Cakes gallery:


You want IMPACT you need a Renaissance Cake for your special event!


If you want to have a celebration with impact you can't go past our 3D sculptured cakes.

These are the talk of the party and you won't want to cut your cake up, but when you do the taste will be sensational!

No matter what you are celebrating we can make a cake to suit every theme.

Sculptured cakes start from $300.00.

  Design Sculptured & Birthday Cakes Photo Gallery  

Featured Birthday Cake

The Featured Birthday Cake for this Month was for Prince Mahe’s 1st Birthday!

This absolutely gorgeous carousel themed cake was a delight to create.

This creation consisted of 4 tiers of cake in a mix of flavours Belgian Chocolate Mud, White Mud + Berry Swirl, Choc Orange Jaffa Mud – all cake no foam blocks in our designs!

The cake was decorated using various decorating techniques utilising cutters & impression mats to create the details & icing horses. The cake was then finished off with gold detailing.

The cake measured~ 60 cm in height & was delivered to Yagoona to Kidz Jungle Play.

Our client Mele was so appreciative of all the work we put into her sons cake that she burst into tears and gave us a bottle of Champagne to thank us for all of our hard work!

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Birthday Cakes

Birthday Cakes are a great way to have fun and really celebrate the passing of time, cakes can be beautiful, humorous, caricatures, rude, clever or just plain unusual. We can tailor a cake to match the person that the celebration is for, an example being a scuba diving cake which had a flooded picture of a diver on the top and the sides of the cake were made into an undersea diorama with 3 dimensional sea creatures littering the sides and board surrounding the cake, sensational and good fun! Animal shape cakes, beach and shell designs, cup cakes, mini cakes, car cakes, surfer, boats, yachts, fish, dolphin, whale shape cakes, guitar, drums, piano, the Band, EH holden, vintage cars, motorbike, my little pony, fairy house, castle, jaguar, gone fishing, frangipani, daffodil, presents, wriggles car, tinkerbell, lilo stitch, movie star, garfield, john wayne, fenina, pool table, princess, fairy mickey mouse, 21st key, 18th birthday cake celebrations.

Other Special Event Celebration Cakes

Baby Christening Cakes are another wonderful reason for celebrating and on this special day we have a huge number of possibilities. Icing blocks spelling out the babies name, sleeping babies, flooded icing animals, booties, bib’s, modelled creatures, anything can be creative for your christening cake design!

Edible Images

Photo’s can now be scanned and using edible ink be printed onto starch based edible toppings, these now offer such a huge range of possibilities to the world of cake decorating and combine to work very nicely with traditional icing techniques. Strawberries, flowers, toffee, almonds, lollies, sweets. Grandma, Grandpa, mum, dad, kids, aunties and uncles, next door neighbour, friend and family - Cakes for all occasions.

Special Occasion Cakes where all the rest of the cakes fall into- be it graduation, memorial, funeral, corporate, Christmas, kitchen tea, thank-you cakes, Tortes with strawberries and toffee and just about any other cake that you can think of!

Renaissance Cake Designs, Central Coast, Sydney, Hunter Valley NSW leading Cake Designer Decorator for your Christening Cakes, Wedding Cake, Cup Cakes, Engagement and Anniversary Cakes, Birthday cakes, celebration and special occasion cakes, christening cake, cake toppers, bomboniere. Featuring Novelty cakes, funky cakes, cup cakes, mini cakes, ganache mud cakes, we even offer Cake book e-book. Covering Sydney, Central Coast, Newcastle, The Hunter, Gosford, Wyong, NSW Australia - Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane, Canberra - we can deliver anywhere including internationally US United States, UK United Kingdom England, Singapore, Japan, China, Hong Kong, New Zealand - anywhere!

  Birthday Cakes | Adult, Children, Baby, 21st, Celebration | Central Coast, Sydney, Hunter Valley  
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